BabyDoge: The Next Fav Coin For Upcoming Bull Run, Claims Twitter Poll

• Baby Doge Coin is a new crypto created by Doge meme lovers and has outperformed Shib Inu and Dogecoin.
• A recent Twitter poll showed that BabyDoge was the most favored coin for the upcoming bull run with 44% of the votes.
• The same result was also shared by the BabyDoge team, who recently successfully integrated their decentralized exchange into OKX exchange.

What Is BabyDoge?

BabyDoge is a new crypto created by Doge meme lovers which has been gaining attention due to its significant gains in the past few days. It currently trades at $0.000000003202 with a surge of 10.34% over the last 24 hours outperforming both Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Recently, it’s decentralized exchange, BabyDoge Swap was successfully integrated into OKX exchange.

Twitter Poll Reveals Next Bull Run Favorite

A recent Twitter poll conducted by Cointelegraph revealed that BabyDoge is the favorite coin for the upcoming bull run with 44% of votes from 35,000 people who participated in this poll, leaving behind SHIB, FLOKI and Dogecoin which had 25%, 20% and 12% respectively in terms of popularity among voters. The same result was also shared by the BabyDoge team showing gratitude to the crypto community and Cointelegraph for their support.

Burning Of Tokens

The team behind BabyDoge have recently burned 202 quadrillion tokens from a total supply of 420 quadrillion tokens in order to increase its availability on exchanges as well as reduce its circulating supply to boost its price even further than before.

Risk Management & Technical Analysis

As always investors should do their research thoroughly before investing in any cryptocurrency or token as there are always risks involved when trading cryptocurrencies such as market volatility, security risks etc., which can only be avoided through proper risk management & technical analysis approach while investing in cryptocurrencies or tokens like BabyDogw Coin or others.


In conclusion, although results of polls are not final but they give us an idea about what people think about certain coins or tokens; thus helping investors make informed decisions regarding their investments & portfolio management strategies in order to maximize profits from cryptocurrency markets without taking too much risk.

Aptos (APT) Surges 400%: Is the Market Manipulated?

• Aptos (APT) has seen its price increase by 400% over the last month, making it one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in January.
• Experts have argued that the market is being manipulated due to the high trading volume seen on South Korean exchange Upbit.
• Traders should proceed with caution when investing in APT, as its price may be subject to sudden and significant price swings.

The cryptocurrency market has been relatively quiet over the past couple of months, with most coins seeing little to no movements. However, Aptos (APT) has been bucking the trend, with its price increasing by up to 400% over the course of the last month, making it the cryptocurrency that has performed the best so far in January.

This massive price spike has gained the distinction of being Twitter’s most reviled cryptocurrency pump, with many experts weighing in on the matter. According to Ran Neuner, a cryptocurrency expert and influencer, the manipulated nature of the APT trading volume on the South Korean exchange Upbit is a clear indicator that traders are manipulating the market.

Coingecko data has revealed that the APT/KRW trading pair on Upbit is responsible for more than 73% of the total amount of trading activity involving the coin. At the same time, the trading volume on Upbit has crossed $611 million, while the APT/USDT pair on Binance is staying at $327 million. This discrepancy has led experts to form the opinion that trading activity should not be trusted, as it is likely being driven by market manipulation.

Unfortunately, Aptos‘ price is difficult to forecast since there are currently no stable fundamentals supporting the currency. Moreover, the coin has an extremely limited quantity that is in circulation. This means that traders should proceed with caution when investing in APT, as its price may be subject to sudden and significant price swings.

Ripple CTO Regrets Not Releasing More XRP When Prices Were Low

• David Schwartz, chief technology officer of Ripple and one of the architects of the XRP Ledger, expressed regret that Ripple did not distribute more XRP when prices were low.
• He believes that the influx of tokens that have hit the market since XRP’s price rose to $0.4 has made things significantly more difficult.
• He pointed out that Americans who receive tokens from airdrops would have to pay regular income tax on them, and suggested that all tokens should be released into the market at the lowest possible price.

David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple and one of the architects of the XRP Ledger, recently gave his unique insight on the XRP supply and token distribution. His comments were sparked by a discussion about cryptocurrency inflation and a recent airdrop of the FLR token from Flare Network.

Schwartz expressed regret that Ripple did not distribute more XRP when the price was lower, noting that the influx of tokens that have entered the market since XRP’s price rose to $0.4 has made things significantly more challenging. He pointed out that Americans who receive tokens from airdrops would have to pay regular income tax on them, and suggested that all tokens should be released into the market at the lowest possible price.

Schwartz noted that the XRP in the escrow belongs to Ripple, a for-profit corporation. He said that there is no community ownership or vote, whereas Flare tokens from an airdrop are supposed to be owned by the community to vote on and benefit the ecosystem.

Schwartz’s comments about XRP supply and token distribution highlight the importance of releasing tokens into the market at the most opportune times. Early token distributions should happen when prices are low, and it’s essential to consider the tax implications of airdrops and how they will affect the token’s value in the long run.

Overall, Schwartz’s views on the XRP supply and token distribution offer valuable insight into the dynamics of cryptocurrency inflation, and how to best manage the release of tokens into the market. His words serve as an important reminder of the importance of timing and the need to consider the tax implications of token distributions.

Crypto Market Set To Surge In 2023: 10 Predictions From Bitwise Investment

• The year 2023 began on a positive note, with a team from Bitwise Investment making 10 predictions of what we can expect
• The market is expected to recover with Ethereum’s merger, Layer-2 solutions, and other upgrades that will reduce transaction cost by 1000%
• Coinbase is predicted to make a comeback with its largest installed user base

As the year 2023 began with a positive note, bringing a new hope for investors and traders, a team from Bitwise Investment has come up with 10 predictions of what the crypto market can expect in the coming year.

The crypto market is expected to recover in 2023, with the introduction of various new upgrades and Layer-2 solutions. One of the most anticipated upgrades this year is the Ethereum merger, which is estimated to reduce transaction cost by 1000%. This could potentially lead to transactions being as low as 1/10th of a cent, creating a whole new era in the financial world.

Another prediction made by the Bitwise team is that Coinbase is expected to make a comeback with its largest installed user base. Although Coinbase’s stock dropped by 86% in 2022, the firm’s revenue still increased from $520M in 2018 to $3.3B last year. This suggests that the company’s user base is growing, and it could potentially lead to a 100% rise in Coinbase’s market cap.

The other predictions from the Bitwise team include the emergence of more stablecoins, more decentralized applications and increased adoption of blockchain technology. Additionally, the report also states that the use of cryptocurrency in day-to-day transactions is expected to increase, with more merchants and businesses accepting crypto payments.

Overall, the report indicates that 2023 could be a bullish year for the crypto market. With the introduction of new upgrades and technologies, the crypto market is expected to experience a surge in price. This could potentially lead to a new era in the financial world and open up new opportunities for investors and traders.

Crypto Market Volatility: Orbeon, Ripple, and Flow Soar and Shine!

• Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has sold 60 million tokens and is up by over 987%.
• Ripple (XRP) was created to revolutionize the cross-border payments industry and is up by over 56%.
• Flow (FLOW) is a blockchain-based platform that enables developers to create decentralized applications and is up by over 77%.

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing tremendous volatility in recent months, with tokens of all sizes gaining and dropping in value. This past month saw a few major digital currencies experience significant price fluctuations, and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) was one of them.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a blockchain-based protocol that is changing the world of crowdfunding. It stands out from the crowd with its utilization of equity-based NFTs, which serve as a new vehicle for investors to buy into startups. These NFTs can be bought by everyday investors for as little as $1.

The ORBN token can be used to pay for transactions within the network, as well as to grant ORBN holders various bonuses. These bonuses include staking rewards, governance rights, priority access to new crowdfunding rounds, and an array of other benefits.

The presale of ORBN has been doing extremely well, with 60 million tokens sold in the past few weeks. The token has seen a surge in value, rising from $0.004 to $0.0435. It is projected to surge by over 6000% once it hits exchanges.

Ripple (XRP) is another digital currency that has seen significant price fluctuations recently. Ripple (XRP) was created to revolutionize the cross-border payments industry and tackle the inefficiencies of traditional financial institutions. As a result, it has seen a 56% increase in value this past month.

Last but not least, Flow (FLOW) is a blockchain-based platform that enables developers to create decentralized applications. It has seen a 77% increase in value this past month and is quickly becoming a popular choice for developers looking to build on the blockchain.

All in all, the cryptocurrency market continues to be volatile and unpredictable. While some tokens have experienced significant gains, others have seen drastic drops in value. It is important for investors to do their own research and understand the risks before investing in any digital currency.

Wie können Nutzer von Immediate Profit Geld bei Immediate Profit einzahlen oder abheben?

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Immediate Profit Kontotypen

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Immediate Profit ist auf einen einfachen Handel ausgerichtet. Die Immediate Profit Handelsplattform ist einfach zu navigieren und zu benutzen. Es gibt drei einzigartige Handelsplattformen bei Immediate Profit, darunter die folgenden:

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Dank der Funktionalität des WebTraders können Immediate Profit Händler auf eine Fülle von Handelsoptionen direkt und bequem von jedem Ort aus zugreifen – vorausgesetzt, es gibt eine Internetverbindung. Dank des einzigartigen Designs der WebTrader-Plattform gibt es kein Durcheinander und alle offenen Handelsgeschäfte, Aufträge, Historie und Nachrichten sind einfach zu navigieren. Außerdem wird die soziale Komponente durch die Chat-Funktionalität verstärkt. WebTrader ermöglicht auch die Anpassung der Sichtbarkeit, so dass Händler aktiv miteinander in Kontakt treten oder inkognito gehen können, wenn sie die Handelsaktivitäten ungestört beobachten möchten.

La caída del Bitcoin (BTC) lleva a un rebote en el nivel de soporte

  • El Bitcoin rebotó en la zona de soporte de 55.300 dólares.
  • Está operando dentro de un canal descendente paralelo de corto plazo.
  • BTC ha completado una estructura correctiva A-B-C.

El precio del bitcoin (BTC) bajó considerablemente el 7 de abril, pero rebotó cuando alcanzó la zona de soporte de 55.500 dólares.

Se espera que el BTC rompa con el actual patrón de negociación e intente superar la zona de resistencia de los 59.500 dólares.

BTC rebota en el soporte

El Bitcoin se ha movido a la baja desde que alcanzó un máximo histórico de $61,884 el 13 de marzo.

A lo largo del descenso, ha estado siguiendo una línea de resistencia descendente, que hasta ahora ha rechazado a Bitcoin Evolution tres veces.

El 6 de abril, BTC fue rechazado por la línea por tercera vez y comenzó a moverse hacia abajo. Concluyó este movimiento cuando alcanzó un mínimo local de 55,473 dólares, justo por encima del nivel de soporte de 0,5 Fib.

A pesar del rebote, los indicadores técnicos no confirman una reversión alcista.

La principal zona de resistencia se encuentra en 59.500 dólares, justo por encima de esta línea de resistencia ascendente.

Tenemos que echar un vistazo al movimiento de más corto plazo para determinar si BTC podría romper.

Movimiento a corto plazo

El gráfico de dos horas muestra que BTC está operando dentro de un canal paralelo descendente. Esto suele ser un movimiento correctivo que lleva a una ruptura en la otra dirección.

Además, esta posibilidad es apoyada por los indicadores técnicos. El MACD ya muestra una señal de reversión alcista y se está moviendo hacia arriba.

Por lo tanto, se espera que BTC rompa el canal.

Recuento de ondas para BTC

El descenso en curso parece ser una estructura correctiva A-B-C, en la que las ondas A:C tienen una relación 1:1.

Esto es muy común en este tipo de correcciones.

Además, apoya la posibilidad de que la corrección se haya completado y el precio salga del canal. Se espera un nuevo máximo histórico en un futuro próximo.

Para ver el recuento de ondas a largo plazo, haga clic aquí.


Se espera que BTC salga del canal descendente en el que se encuentra actualmente. Después, podría hacer un intento de moverse por encima de la zona de resistencia de 59.500 dólares.

NYDIG sammelt 200 Mio. USD von strategischen Partnern, da die gesamte Bitcoin-Verwahrung 1 Mrd. USD übersteigt

NYDIG und seine strategischen Partner werden nach einer Finanzierungsrunde in Höhe von 200 Millionen US-Dollar bei Initiativen im Zusammenhang mit Bitcoin zusammenarbeiten.

Die New York Digital Investment Group gab den Abschluss einer Finanzierungsrunde für Wachstumskapital in Höhe von 200 Mio. USD für Geschäftsinitiativen im Zusammenhang mit Bitcoin ( BTC ) bekannt. Die Finanzierungsrunde wurde unter anderem von den strategischen NYDIG-Partnern Morgan Stanley, der Stone Ridge Holdings Group, Soros Fund Management und MassMutual geleitet.

NYDIG, ein Anbieter von Bitcoin-bezogenen Technologie- und Investmentdienstleistungen, wird zusammen mit seinen strategischen Partnern Bitcoin-fokussierte Lösungen für die Versicherungs-, Bank- und saubere Energiebranche anwenden.

Robert Gutmann, Mitbegründer und CEO von NYDIG, sagte :

„Die an dieser Runde teilnehmenden Unternehmen sind mehr als nur Investoren – sie sind Partner, die uns seit Jahren bekannt sind. NYDIG wird mit diesen Unternehmen an strategischen Initiativen im Zusammenhang mit Bitcoin arbeiten, die Investmentmanagement, Versicherungen, Banken, saubere Energie und Philanthropie umfassen. “
Nach einer Flut hochkarätiger Bitcoin-Akquisitionen durch verschiedene institutionelle Unternehmen sagte Gutmann, die jüngsten Partnerschaften seien ein Zeichen dafür, dass die institutionelle Einführung von Bitcoin eingetroffen sei.

„Diese Partnerschaften lassen keinen Zweifel daran, dass die institutionelle Einführung von Bitcoin angekommen ist und dass NYDIG der Partner der Wahl für seriöse Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen mit den höchsten Treuhand- und Sorgfaltsstandards ist“, sagte Gutmann und fügte hinzu:

„In den kommenden Monaten und Quartalen Achten Sie auf eine Explosion von Innovationen bei Bitcoin-Produkten und -Dienstleistungen, die NYDIG in Zusammenarbeit mit unseren neuen Investoren anbietet. “

NYDIG gab am Montag außerdem bekannt, dass unter den Lebens-, Renten- und Schaden- und Unfallversicherern, die ihre Plattform nutzen, Bitcoin-Investitionen im Wert von über 1 Milliarde US-Dollar jetzt in ihrem institutionellen Verwahrungsdienst gehalten werden.

Der Gründer und Vorstandsvorsitzende von NYDIG, Ross Stevens, sagte, die jüngste Finanzierungsrunde von institutionellen Investoren sei gut für das Unternehmen und BTC. „Ich bin begeistert davon, was diese Gruppe unglaublicher Investoren für NYDIG, insbesondere aber für Bitcoin, bedeuten wird“, sagte Stevens.

BlockFi launches its own Bitcoin fund

Another Bitcoin fund sees the light of day. Will BlockFi succeed in blessing King Grayscale’s throne?

The for crypto loans BlockFi known has announced the launch of its own Bitcoin Fund on February 9 announced .

The BlockFi Bitcoin Trust presented Bitcoin worth $ 32 million on the same day

With the trust, BlockFi wants to offer investors an “alternative, more cost-effective entry option into the crypto market compared to similar existing products”. It is not difficult to suspect a declaration of war on Grayscale behind this statement . Their Bitcoin Investment Trust is considered the most financially strong crypto fund. BTC valued at $ 30 billion is in the hands of the subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group. What is striking is that while Grayscale charges its customers a two percent fee, BlockFi attracts potential investors with a quarter of a percentage point less.

Bitcoin funds and institutional capital

For the time being, the acquisition of shares in the BlockFi Trust is only open to institutional investors. However, accredited US citizens will also receive access later. The possibility of secondary investments via trading platforms is also planned. Fidelity Digital Asset Services takes care of the safekeeping of digital assets.

BlockFi doesn’t run the only Bitcoin fund to position itself as a competitor to Grayscale. Even Bitwise and Osprey already launched similar offers. For example, Bitwise was able to double the assets of its own fund last year. Behind the development is the increasing interest of institutional investors in crypto funds and comparable financial products. This is how Zac Prince, CEO of BlockFi, also sees it:

Given the high level of institutional activity in recent months and the demand for new, professional investment vehicles, the timing of the BlockFi Bitcoin Trust is ideal. As we work to expand the availability of this vehicle to retail brokers, we expect this product will enable more investment in digital assets – at the heart of BlockFi’s mission to connect cryptocurrencies with traditional funding.

Las ballenas de Bitcoin compran barato, venden caro; los inversores minoristas persiguen las manifestaciones: Data

Los nuevos datos publicados por la bolsa de criptografía OKEx dan una posible explicación de cómo los grandes poseedores de bitcoin – o „ballenas“ – fueron capaces de influir en los precios cuando bitcoin alcanzó un nuevo máximo histórico en noviembre.

Durante esa subida de bitcoin (BTC, -0,04%), las instituciones y las ballenas pudieron comprar bajadas y a menudo vender cuando los precios subieron. Eso dejó a la mayoría de los inversionistas minoristas luchando por perseguir el rally, según un informe de datos recientemente publicado por OKEx.

Los datos de comercio del par bitcoin/tether en la plataforma de OKEx entre agosto y noviembre mostraron que durante el rally de bitcoin de noviembre, los inversionistas individuales de las ballenas, con importantes participaciones y, potencialmente, las instituciones, estaban obteniendo beneficios mediante la venta de su bitcoin.

Durante ese mismo mes, los comerciantes de menor tamaño, como los inversores minoristas, continuaron comprando como lo hicieron en septiembre y octubre, a pesar de que los precios de la criptodivisa más antigua eran más altos, según el informe compilado por OKEx y la empresa de datos de cadenas de bloqueo Kaiko.

En particular, a finales de noviembre, cuando el precio del bitcoin se acercaba a su nuevo máximo histórico, una mirada a la actividad comercial diaria de los diferentes grupos de usuarios de la OKEx indica que las ballenas y las instituciones compraron la caída de precios del Día de Acción de Gracias, mientras que los comerciantes minoristas y otros comerciantes más pequeños entraron en pánico y vendieron su bitcoin durante esa pequeña caída del mercado el 26 de noviembre.

Según el informe, los datos indican que, si bien los grandes propietarios de bitcoins están „en el negocio de comprar barato y vender caro“, no están necesariamente interesados en comprar bitcoins en las subidas como lo han hecho los inversores minoristas.

„En última instancia, [las ballenas] buscan impulsar el mercado, sacudir a los comerciantes minoristas en pánico y capitalizar las oportunidades de comprar monedas relativamente baratas“, según un comunicado de prensa de OKEx. „Para los comerciantes minoristas, y todos los demás en el medio, la elección parece ser entre dos opciones: nadar con la marea o contra ella“.

Una toma diferente

Sin embargo, los datos de otra empresa de análisis criptográfico, CryptoQuant, tienen una perspectiva ligeramente diferente. Su opinión es que a lo largo de 2020 las ballenas bitcoin casi nunca han perdido una oportunidad de „comprar la inmersión“.

Una conclusión de CryptoQuant es que los comerciantes de gran tamaño pueden haber evitado que el precio del bitcoin se desplome aún más y en su lugar impulsaron cada subida de precio, obteniendo potencialmente beneficios al vender bitcoin a precios más altos.

Las nuevas instituciones que convierten a las ballenas en peces pequeños

Parece haber dos tipos de instituciones en el espacio criptográfico en 2020: los nativos de la criptografía, incluidas las empresas criptográficas cuánticas y las oficinas familiares, y los que proceden de los mercados financieros tradicionales como MicroStrategy o MassMutual.

Es poco probable que este último grupo sea la causa de cada caída de precios al vender intencionadamente su bitcoin para provocar una caída del mercado, según los analistas que hablaron con CoinDesk.

Las principales instituciones „no han revelado posiciones de venta que indiquen esto“, dijo John Todaro a CoinDesk en un correo electrónico de respuesta, citando a MicroStrategy y Grayscale (empresa hermana de CoinDesk) como ejemplos. Ambas empresas no han estado en el lado de las ventas de Bitcoin.

Todaro añadió que aunque el dinero institucional ha sido parte de las razones de las concentraciones de este año, no explica las recientes ganancias de precio porque las instituciones a menudo comercian con bitcoin a través de empresas extrabursátiles, que están diseñadas para tener un impacto mínimo de precio en el mercado.

Las ventanillas de venta libre „han aumentado los mercados bidireccionales a medida que se incorporan más contrapartes, lo que les permite poner en contacto más directamente a compradores y vendedores para tener un menor impacto en los mercados“, dijo Todaro. „Las instituciones más pequeñas o las ballenas, sin embargo, pueden ser menos dependientes de las mesas OTC y es más probable que utilicen las bolsas, incluso haciendo grandes pedidos de mercado que podrían tener un mayor impacto inmediato en el precio“.

Y a medida que más instituciones grandes entran en el mercado de bitcoin, las instituciones pequeñas y las ballenas se están convirtiendo cada vez más en actores del mercado más pequeños, dijo Todaro.

Además, es poco probable que las instituciones tradicionales impacten deliberadamente en el mercado porque están comprando la narrativa de que bitcoin es oro digital, dijo Matthew Hougan, director de inversiones de Bitwise Asset Management. Por lo tanto, es poco probable que esta nueva clase de inversores de bitcoin se venda en caídas de mercado.

„No venden en caídas porque no tienen nada que vender, y porque sienten que necesitan establecer una posición en el mercado dadas las condiciones macro y el significativo potencial alcista que aún queda en criptografía“, dijo Hougan.

Corrección (11 de diciembre de 2020 14:10 UTC): Las ballenas compran bajo y venden alto. El titular original se equivocó en la dirección.